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Zero Carbon Britain

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How can we in Hanover play our part in moving towards a zero-carbon Britain? Come along to hear a panel of experts and join in the discussion. More information at Read more

We are an Eco Open House Again

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The Hanover Centre will be open on the afternoon of 18th and all day 19th October. Brighton's Hanover Centre 'Eco-Refit' / Hanover 10:10 will be show-casing its work on the Centre with tours, an exhibition and volunteers installing solid wall insulation. Read more

Carbon Reduction in 2013

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As the new year begins we want to update everyone on progress in improving the Hanover Centre. We've had extra help from the Southern Co-operative and we'll be starting building work as soon as possible. Read more

Your chance to learn how to fit energy saving measures at the Hanover Centre on 22 April, 9.30am to 12.30pm - and take away a bag of energy-saving goodies for your own house. Read more

Carbon RACE

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The Hanover Centre Carbon Reduction Awareness and Community Engagement (RACE) project, is a Hanover10:10 Project based on a three-way partnership between the Hanover Community Association, the University of Brighton and Hanover10:10 (an action group of Hanover Action for Sustainable Living – HASL). This Aims to: raise the awareness of energy/carbon cost and trends, and identify prioritised costed practical carbon reduction measures. Our Approach is Read more