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Student Team

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The following details the students, their personal work programme within the overall project, and motivation to volunteer. Student: Matt Jones. Work programme (Jan.-June):  Poster and leaflet design for launch and dissemination events and detail drawings. Course and level of study:  BSc (Hons) Building Studies Year One. “I am Currently working on an Read more

Carbon RACE

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The Hanover Centre Carbon Reduction Awareness and Community Engagement (RACE) project, is a Hanover10:10 Project based on a three-way partnership between the Hanover Community Association, the University of Brighton and Hanover10:10 (an action group of Hanover Action for Sustainable Living – HASL). This Aims to: raise the awareness of energy/carbon cost and trends, and identify prioritised costed practical carbon reduction measures. Our Approach is Read more

Student Projects

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Lecturer Dr Jon Gates, with students Chris, Mark, Mark, Sam, Colette & Matt at the launch event

After more than six months’ joint work between the Hanover10:10 action group and the Hanover Community Association, we drew in the University of Brighton to launch the Student Projects on 25th February. Some will be completed in June 2012, and others preparing students for projects in 2012-13. These projects are Read more