At the heart of Hanover

The Hanover Community Association

The Hanover Community Association is a registered charity (number 272127) and operates within an ‘area of benefit’, where we have a legal duty to concentrate our efforts. It is the area of dense terraced housing characteristic of old Hanover.

We manage the Hanover Centre under a long lease from Brighton & Hove City Council. We also work to reinforce the community spirit of Hanover by playing a lead role in Hanover Day (the best community festival in Brighton) and by running the annual Hanover Beer Festival (the best party in Brighton). We used to run a community newsletter and now provide news pages for the Hanover Directory. We work to promote sustainability by (for example) encouraging cycling, walking and the use of buses; by providing a secure bicycle store; by encouraging the council to provide cycling facilities; and by promoting the use of local businesses.

We aim to reflect the local values of sustainability, environmental responsibility, self-sufficiency and neighbourliness.

We do not depend on any outside funder for our running costs, including all the costs of leasing and managing the Hanover Centre. We are still here at the heart of Hanover after more than 30 years because we can do and say whatever is right for Hanover without fear of losing our funding.

We always need more volunteers and committee members. Why not come along to a meeting and find out more? Contact the office to find out when our next committee meeting is.

Every effective organisation needs a constitution, policies, good practice guides and a wealth of other documents, sometimes for legal reasons, sometimes for safety and security, but often just to be consistent and fair.

Documents that guide the day-to-day work of the community association and the community centre are listed below. Click on the title to view the item.

******Please note that our data protection policy is currently under review, in line with the new GDPR laws******

Filename / LinkSize
Conflict of Interest.pdf211.04 Kb
Constitution09.pdf110.55 Kb
Data Protection Policy.pdf129.71 Kb
Environmental Policy.pdf153.9 Kb
Equality & Diversity Code.pdf70.29 Kb
Equality & Diversity Policy.pdf146.25 Kb
Equality & Diversity Strategy.pdf91.06 Kb
Fire Safety Management Plan.pdf1.35 Mb
Health & Safety Policy.pdf84.73 Kb
Non exclusivity policy.pdf219.72 Kb
Recruitment Policy.pdf168.28 Kb
Risk Management Policy.pdf162.91 Kb
Safeguarding.pdf379.82 Kb
Supply of Alcohol.pdf98.31 Kb
Volunteer Expenses Policy.pdf100.32 Kb
Volunteer Policy.pdf89.75 Kb