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8. Radiator Reflector Panels

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The reflectors down the back of the radiators can save up to £11 on the gas bill per 60 x 120 cm sheet, reflecting heat back from external walls rather than heating the bricks. These are easy to fit on standard hot water radiators. Many of the heaters in the Hanover Centre abutted close to the wall averting easy installation of the panels.

What have we done here?

Panels were fitted where we could at the first Volunteer Insulation Event using funds secured from the LEAF funding (via collaboration with Brighton 10:10). These ‘easy’ to achieve insulation measures were supported by the development of a ‘How To’ video as the panels were also given away to 120 Hanover residents in Energy Saving Packs.

Contributes to the following One Planet Living principles:

icon-carbon Carbon reduction

Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies

What could you do to get more from your radiators?

See: Energy Saving Trust: Insulating tanks, pipes and radiators (see Radiator reflector panels)