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6. Hot Water Pipe Insulation

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Insulating all pipework is an easy way to ensure less heat is lost before reaching the radiators where the heat is needed – typically saving up to £15 per year. This kind of work is a simple DIY task if the pipes are exposed, or may involve you crawling under your floor, and/or making the most of any opportunities during building works to get at those pipe under floorboards etc. Closely clustered runs of pipes may need to be boxed-in instead and packed with insulation.

What are we doing?

At all three of our Volunteer Insulation Events we have installed pipe insulation. In a building of this size, with long distances from the boiler to radiators, there seems to be miles of pipes! Many are out of reach and will only be done when others works undertaken.

Contributes to the following One Planet Living principles:

icon-carbon Carbon reduction

Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies

Do you need to insulate your hot water pipes?

See: Energy Saving Trust: Insulating pipes, tanks and radiators