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5. Solid Wall Insulation

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Wall insulation would be best to install throughout the Hanover Centre here as there is no cavity in the wall. This is more work than a cavity wall insulation solution, so increasing costs, but it can significantly reduce heat loss, retaining heat within the building. Without insulation 37% of the heat would lost through the walls. After insulating the roof, this area is the most beneficial to focus on. Student thermal imaging of the building showed that the decorative front elevation of the building was leaking heat to a higher degree that the rest of the walls.
Hanover Centre Thermal Image
This kind of work is best achieved in stages, often when others major building works are undertaken, to minimise disruption. Despite the disruption the works are not hi-tech, but care is needed to ensure that they are designed correctly to avoid damp areas being created.

What could we do here?

We could transform the chilly toilet block and main entrance area in a discrete set of works, and insulate the roof at the same time (there is no insulation in the roof at all). Cityzen LLP have agreed to project manage a team of skilled volunteers for free to undertake these works in 2013. We have £1,300 but have a cash shortfall for all the materials and the final re-plastering of the insulated walls. We are fund-raising for this now.

Contributes to the following One Planet Living principles:

icon-carbon Carbon reduction

Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies.

Could you consider this for your solid walls?

See: Energy Saving Trust: Solid Wall Insulation