At the heart of Hanover

Bujinkan Martial Arts

The Bujinkan Dojo is an international martial arts organisation incorporating 3 Ninja schools (Ryu) and 6 Samurai schools with the headquarters (Honbu) based in Japan, headed by the current
Grandmaster (Soke) Dr Masaki Hatsumi. His student of 30 years Jake Sharpstone 15th Dan, is now teaching classes at the Hanover Centre on Tuesday evenings.

The classes offer a fascinating insight into hundreds of years tradition, passed down consecutively and developed for 34 generations. The martial art has evolved through the years to be as applicable today as it was on the ancient battlefields, then used by the Ninja and Samurai of the time. The approach is to practice and learn methods and techniques for preserving one’s body and maintaining the peace, through gentle exercise learning good movements. It is very different from sport martial arts in that the methods learnt and used are for realistic situations and therefore must be practiced slowly and carefully. Practice involves learning defence to punches, kicks and various weapons, safe practice weapons only are used in the dojo.

The classes are open to all physiques, ages and skill levels and is good for all round health, fitness and self-defence.

Tuesdays 7.15-9.15pm. Please send an email to to enquire.