At the heart of Hanover

Very Last Beer Festival Tickets

Well, after all we do have some Saturday tickets returned from the pubs where they were on sale; and even a very, very few Friday tickets.

So if you want to grab one while you still can, we’ll be in the Hanover Centre garden finishing the setup during the day on Friday – go to the gate and give us a shout!

The Beer Festival is on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October, 7pm to 11pm.

40 beers, 10 ciders, 4 wines. Probably the best party in Hanover.

Tickets are £10 including first pint free and souvenir 30th anniversary glass.


Are there any tickets left for Saturday night?

I have one ticket spare for Friday, call me -0-1-2-7-3-5-3-0-6-7-3-

I have one ticket spare for Friday, call me -0-1-2-7-3-5-3-0-6-7-3-

I’m looking for two tickets for tonight. Can anyone help?

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