At the heart of Hanover

Immanuel Church Fire, 2003

Immanuel Church (88-89 Islingword Road) was built in 1889-90 to replace the Islingword Road Mission Hall. In the early hours of 8th May 2003 a fierce fire took hold. The fire service was there in minutes but flames had already reached the roof, which soon began to cave in. The priority then was to prevent the blaze spreading to neighbouring homes.

By the morning there was nothing that could be done except damp down the ruins until there was no further danger of fire. Although the front facade looked fairly intact, the rest of the building had collapsed down into the basement. No-one was hurt in the incident, and no homes had to be evacuated.

The church was demolished and replaced by the current multi-use building with flats, a smaller community church and a commercial nursery.



I lived in Finsbury Lodge adjoining the church the night it burned down. I’m a really heavy sleeper and didn’t notice a thing until I woke up in bed literally surrounded by firemen trying to get me out. I took some photos of the back of the church at the time and it was a complete wreck alright.

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