At the heart of Hanover

Brighton Stressbusters New Event

Friday 18th November 2016, 7.15-9.30pm
@ Hanover Community Centre, Southover Street, Brighton

De-Stressing with Tai Chi & Self-Hypnosis

Join us for another evening of stress busting in Brighton with Em Burnett and Russell Potts!

SELF-HYPNOSIS FOR RELAXATION & CHANGE: Hypnotherapy provides the means to harness the ability of the subconscious mind to affect change or simply experience the benefits of deep and profound relaxation. While in the deeper levels of trance, one can experience a state of natural euphoria. Contrary to the portrayal in fiction, hypnosis is infact a means of gaining control and positive influence. There are a variety of applications including overcoming addictions, habits, eating disorders, insomnia, fears, phobias, negative thought as well as emotional and behavioural patterns. It may also be used for accelerating healing, lowering blood pressure and experiencing full potential in sport and creative expression. We are very pleased to announce that our guest speaker this month will be the renowned Hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor Russell Potts. In addition to being a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, he is also trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and a student of ancient esoteric teachings, all of which contribute to Russell’s uniquely engaging and deep teaching style. He has taught instructors from the international community as well as students as far a field as Asia and the Caribbean. In this talk Russell will discuss the function of the subconscious and teach us how to use self hypnosis for relaxation. By using these tools you can maintain lowered stress levels and deliberately enter comfortable relaxation on a regular basis. These skills can help you in a number of ways, as you’ll discover during this session.

TAI CHI: Tai Chi offers us an empowering method to relax into a healthier and more dynamic longer life! By practising this internal art, the phases of movement and stillness relax your nerves and enable you to counteract the internalising of stress. Learning the art of Tai Chi enables us to release areas of tension in mind and body, a ‘meditation in movement’ that gives us a deeper ability to let go in daily life. Em Burnett has worked as an energy art instructor for 8 years, teaching Tai Chi primarily from a health and meditation perspective while honouring its roots as a martial art. In this session she will share how the body awareness skills of Tai Chi are applied in our daily life as we feel more grounded, co-ordinated, stable, centred and at ease. Em will also share a wealth of preventative health benefits and research studies on specific health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and on falls prevention, a critical aspect of remaining well into later life. An ancient sophisticated bodymind practice, Tai Chi offers an antidote to functional ageing issues related to lifestyle and effects of stress – a tried and tested longevity practice to avert the current health crisis. Deepening our awareness of our own nature and being ‘in flow’ with our natural environment helps us ‘return to source’ and so feel more energised, connected and at peace. We will look at the origins of Tai Chi, what the name means, how we may feel when ‘playing the form’ and the joy of practising together.

The Brighton StressBusters Team is looking forward to welcoming you all to this exciting event!

Admission: £5 – includes coffee/tea, biscuits and (as always!) lots of positive energy
Registration starts from 7pm.