At the heart of Hanover

Hanover Centre Improvements

We had wanted to get rid of our old heaters for a long time – they were inefficient, noisy and expensive to run.

Thanks to a grant for part of the cost from Low Carbon Workspaces, they have finally gone!

The new installation isn’t quite finished yet, but it will all be operational this week. We’ll post more information about the system and the carbon savings we expect to make very soon.

While the work was going on, the council replaced our old rear stairs with shiny new steel ones, so access to our meeting room will be much improved.

And (because good things traditionally come in threes) we’ve been offered a grant to replace all the non-led bulbs in the building with led equivalents – more on this later too (and thanks to Hanover 10:10 for alerting us to these grants and especially to CityZen for doing the necessary drawings and calculations).