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Tickets Go On Sale!

Tickets for the 28th annual Hanover Beer Festival go on sale from Tuesday, 1st September!

Strictly limited to 350 for each night (Friday 2nd October & Saturday 3rd October) and they always sell out quickly, so get yours now. Ticket price is £10 and includes a free souvenir glass and your first pint or glass of wine. Maximum of 4 tickets per purchaser.

Available only through The Constant Service, The Evening Star, The Greys and The Southover.




Hello, just visited the Evening Star who said they hadnt received their tickets as yet. Do you know when they’ll be delivered?

Ali has received the tickets for the Evening Star and his other pub The Southover. Maybe he hasn’t had time to drop any at the Star yet – ask the staff to check with him.

Phoned the Southover today and was told that they have sold out of tickets, as has the Greys. They suggested connecting the organisers to see if they have any left. Would that be on this site or should I contact someone else? I’m after 2 for Friday if possible.

Many thanks,

Andy x

There are definitely no Friday tickets left.
A few Saturday tickets went to the Napier on Southover Street at the weekend – they might have some left.
We have to be strict about numbers for everyone’s safety and comfort.

There’s a very important rugby match between England v Australia on Saturday at 8pm which might scupper some peoples plans to attend. Do you know if there might be someway to how it at the Community Centre?

Sadly, we have no big screen (nor little screen, for that matter).

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