At the heart of Hanover

The 2015 Glass

Barrie Alderton has been a key supporter of the beer festival for all of its 28 years, and has always sponsored the souvenir glass that everyone gets to take home at the end of the evening.

This isn’t the only way that he has supported Hanover and the community association over the years, so we’re very happy to raise our glass and say “Cheers, Barrie!”

And here’s the 2015 design:

Glass201528th annual Hanover Beer Festival, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October, 2015

No 1/3pt line?

Hi Dee,

We sell beer by token, so there are no queues at the bar for change etc. One token = 1/2 pt, 2 tokens = 1 pt.

If we sold 1/3 pts too, it would be 2 tokens = 1/3 pt, 3 = 1/2 pt, 6 = 1 pt.

So we would need to use 3 times as many tokens up, and life would be a more complicated for the bar staff. On the other hand, the glasses would cost no more than at present.

So if there is enough demand for 1/3 pt servings, we could offer it. Would you like to get involved in planning for next year?

Hi Steve,
thanks for your reply,
was 1/3pt line in previous years, but don’t recall how the token system worked with it (my 2009 glass has it, maybe others) but as you say, more complicated to administer.
Just thinking with smaller dosages we get to try more great beers! (and recall from previous years, some of the lighter drinkers in our group liked this option)
Unfortunately am not in a position to get involved in planning at the mo., just a loyal punter who brings 10 or so people along every opening Friday. (But possible barrell sponserer in the future!)
Cheers, Dee

Now you mention it, I think the glasses one year did have 1/3 pt lines, but we have only ever sold in 1/2s and pints.

I do agree that we should help people to try as many beers as possible, so we’ll definitely look into the logistics of selling 1/3s next year.

Great Steve! Roll on Friday! Hope the nice weather stays as it is!

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