At the heart of Hanover

Our “Area of Benefit”

Our Area of Benefit

We are a local charity – we exist to benefit Hanover. There are lots of ways of defining Hanover, but for us it is the dense terraced housing of old Hanover.

In our constitution it is defined as the area bordered by:

  • the south side of Albion Hill from Grove Street to Newhaven Street,
  • the centre of Newhaven Street,
  • the centre of Southover Street,
  • the centre of Lewes Road,
  • the centre of Elm Grove,
  • the centre of Queens Park Road,
  • the centre of Sussex Street from Queens Park Road to Windmill Street,
  • the west side of Windmill Street,
  • the north side of Richmond Street and
  • a line drawn from the west end of Richmond Street to the junction of Albion Hill and Grove Street.

This is the area shown in green above.

We have a legal duty to concentrate our resources (the money we raise and the assets we manage) on the people who live in our area of benefit. So, for example, you can only use our bike store or get a reduced hire rate for parties, or be on our management committee, or vote at our Annual General Meeting if you live in the area of benefit.