At the heart of Hanover

Don’t Forget our AGM!

Our AGM is your chance to find out what we have been doing, tell us about what we should (or shouldn’t) do in the future, and find out about how to join in with the things that interest you.

This year we’re holding it in the beer festival tent in the Hanover Centre garden on Saturday 4th October, from 1pm. We’ll keep the business part of the meeting as short as possible (about 30 minutes), because we’d like to let you have a look around the building to see what we’ve been doing to improve it. There will be displays about some of the popular classes and groups that meet there, and a special display by the ballet class.

Last, but not least, you’ll be able to buy a drink at special beer festival prices.

We’d like to see you there!

The meeting is open to everyone, and there will be soft drinks for children (and adults who prefer them). To be eligible to vote, you must live or work in our “area of benefit”.