At the heart of Hanover

Coronation Celebrations in 1953

Ian Steedman has sent us two photographs taken at the Coronation in 1952. He says:

“A couple of photographs taken in Arnold Street on Coronation Day. My Grandfather Samuel Attrell organised the street party on Arnold Street. He can be seen in the first photo looking round wearing the dark jacket and his son Ivan is the big boy with brown face in the centre of the picture. Incidentally, he also won the fancy dress competition. The tables with the party food and pop (cakes, jellies and no doubt some junket) were down the bottom of the street.The second picture was taken outside Mrs Roberts’ house (she’s the Miss Marple look-alike on on the top row). Standing to her right is my grandmother (Alice Attrell nee Marshall) and to her right is my late mother, Rita Steedman. ”

Ian was 4 years old when he went to the Coronation party. He lives in Worthing now, but his ancestors – Steedmans, Allens, Attrells and Marshalls – were all Hanover families.