At the heart of Hanover

Our New Ceiling – Work Starts!

At last we’ve been able to start work on our new insulated ceiling.

It has been a long road since Paul Norman of HASL’s 10:10 group won the £10,000 from EDF Energy that we needed to start the project. CitiZen drew up plans, Henry Butler from The Butlers Wine Cellar paid for them to go through building control, Southern Co-Op gave us another £1,000 and Total Design took us on as a charity building project.

Then we had to negotiate a date and make sure we caused as little disruption as possible to our regular hirers. Finally work got under way on Monday 2nd December.

IMG_0364A table full of plans rapidly turned into busy builders and electricians ripping out redundant wiring and bits of walls.

By Tuesday afternoon scaffold towers reared up into the heights of the ceiling, the end walls were being adapted, more wiring was going in and materials were arriving:


By Wednesday the changes were more obvious – a new entrance to the upper hall at the top of the front stairs, a new hatch for us to get into the rear roof space, and the wool insulation was arriving:


These last photos really show just how much air space we were heating, and most of that heat was being lost through the uninsulated roof.

Now it’s a race to make sure everything is finished by Friday evening.