At the heart of Hanover

New Ceiling – Finished!

Our new ceiling was finished – on time – on Friday 6th December, ready for the parties who were booked in for the weekend.

The photos below show the final stages, what it looks like above the ceiling, and our celebration on Friday evening.


Paul Norman from HASL / Hanover 10:10 (who won the money to make it all possible) had the honour of cutting the ribbon.

In the final photo John Smith (our architect from CityZen) holds up a piece of the sheep’s wool insulation. A double layer of this above the ceiling is working so well that we have switched off one of the two heaters we used to need to heat the hall. A warmer top floor should mean the lower hall is easier to heat too.

We are very grateful to our hirers who were flexible during the week, Brighton & Hove Building Control, our staff who managed all the unexpected issues, and the sponsors who have contributed to the project by supplying funding or free services, including:

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