At the heart of Hanover

Environmental Improvements to the Centre

Hanover Centre logoThe Carbon RACE was an 18 month project started in 2012, to reduce energy use in the building. The Carbon RACE means Reduction, Awareness and Community Engagement and has raised awareness of how to reduce energy use in people’s homes by involving them in insulating the Centre, and by holding public meetings. The practical steps taken, and some possibilities mapped for the future such as the green roof and solar panels, are illustrated on the welcome board in the main entrance to the Centre.

To reduce energy and the associated CO2 emissions an energy audit was undertaken, and work with students from the University of Brighton helped us develop an Energy Descent Plan. University funding allowed us to install smart-metering to measure gas, electricity and water use in real time. We can show energy use as a daily readout on the information screen, as well as recording data over time on the impact of insulation and reduced energy use in a real community building – informing teaching and stimulating student research.

The Victorian building is built in the same way as many houses in the local area, with substantial challenges in reducing CO2 and improving the comfort of users. The project team took on these challenges; proud to have initiated changes to the Centre. We hope that learning from the Centre will enable you to play your part in reducing energy use and the COemissions that are increasingly impacting on the Hanover community and many other communities around the world.

Energy Descent Plan – keep heat in:

1. Seal all drafts in the building

Council repairs to external walls (cracks, iron-work in walls, etc.)
– Draft-proof doors (external, internal), and windows
– Seal gaps in floor (entrance area)

2. Insulate Roof

insulate above Small Meeting Room
install false ceiling in Upper Hall, and insulate above

3. Secondary glaze remaining windows
toilet block, and Small Meeting Room windows

– glaze remaining main windows in halls

4. Other
– Celotex insulation around window frame opening

Energy Descent Plan – increase energy efficiency:

5. LED Lighting
replace Small Meeting Room lighting  with LED down-lighters
– install dimable LEDS lights in Upper Hall during ceiling works
– replace Hologen lights in Mezzanine area with LED bulbs
– review lighting system and user needs in Main Hall, and options

6. Review Overall heating needs, taking into account:

– differing zone/room space heat demands use over room hire periods, etc.
– efficiency of existing heating systems
– potential for renewable energy generation on site