At the heart of Hanover

Carbon Reduction in 2013

I know we keep going on about it, but we’re still excited that Paul Norman of Hanover 10:10 won £10,000 from EDF Energy that he is putting towards carbon reduction work in the Hanover Centre. Most of it will go towards insulation with local sheep’s wool. We are also grateful to the Southern Co-operative, who have given an extra £1,000 to support the carbon reduction work.

We will be integrating energy efficiency improvements with other improvements to the Centre, so as the new year begins we want to update everyone on progress.

We will be installing a suspended ceiling in the upper hall, with wool insulation. This will stop heat being lost through the uninsulated roof and cut the volume that has to be heated. We’ll also install ultra-low energy LED lighting to replace the old fluorescent tubes and install new stud walls and improved access to the loft storage area. Total Design Shopfitting will be doing this work for us at cost.

CityZen and BBP Engineers have incorporated into the plans improvements to the office and front staircase, and the creation of a new room in the front roof area. Henry Butler has given us a donation to pay for the plans for the whole scheme to go through Building Control. We’ll go ahead with the works in the upper hall as quickly as possible, and we are working out how the community association will fund the other work.

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