At the heart of Hanover

We need your vote!

Paul Norman

We’ve been working with HASL and the University of Brighton to reduce the carbon footprint of the Hanover Centre. We’ve still got lots to do, but with your help we could win £10,000 to spend on it.

Paul Norman from HASL and Hanover 10:10 is one of EDF’s “Team Green Britain Heroes”. Voting for the most popular hero has just opened, and if Paul wins he will donate his £10,000 towards improving the insulation and energy efficiency of the Hanover Centre.

Use the link to place your vote. Click on ‘Paul Norman’ and follow the instructions. Pass it on to your friends too!



We’re already in second place – please help us win!
Can I urge everyone who has ever used the Hanover Centre to vote for us. Paul is planning environmental improvements that will make a big difference to the costs of running the building. Voting makes sense. Keeping costs down means we can keep our hire charges low, and Hanover will continue to have a cheap local space when local people need one for a child’s party, or to run an activity or event.

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