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Latest News on Bid to Win £10,000

The university team

We only have a few days left to win £10,000 to help improve the Hanover Centre. We’re leading the competition, but the others will surely make a push in the last few days. If you haven’t done it already, please vote for Hanover resident Paul Norman!

Paul says:

Winning £10,000 will help us make the Hanover community Centre more cosy and more energy efficient. The student research, users survey and the energy auditor all agree that it would be best spent on draft busting and insulating the roof and walls. Our energy smart metering will help us to assess impact, and display the results to all who visit. Please get a friend to Vote Paul, and spread the word to enable this.

Our fantastic local building & environment students (see picture above) at the University of Brighton – guided by their lecturer – undertook the detailed research that built upon an earlier energy audit; and they surveyed for user views of these changes. All agreed that the top issues were ‘draft busting’ and ‘insulation’. Insulation priorities are the massive main roof of the Victorian building, the flat roof over the entrance and toilets, then the walls – all with NO insulation. Thermal imaging by students showed very poor performance of the walls.

So, the immediate priority in our plan is to reconfigure the upper hall to reduce the volume of heat needed to warm it by installing a false ceiling, installing very low energy LED lighting, and sealing the ends of room where there is open storage space (being heated!). The walls have no cavity so the building is more damp that similar buildings – so we are going for local sheep’s wool thermal insulation (perfect for the conditions, and with a smaller embodied carbon footprint). Quotes for this work are around £12k… so a win of £10k would help massively! We also hope to cut costs by using volunteers from the local area with hands-on work to see how it’s all done.

Voting for Paul is easy – find out how to do it here.

And if you have voted – thank you! Voting finishes on the morning of 6th October, so we’ll soon know how we fared.