At the heart of Hanover

Cut Your Energy Bills – Free Event

Brighton & Hove 1010 invite you to come along on Saturday 10th March to learn about saving energy in your home and collect a free energy saving pack.

Included in these brilliant packs are energy monitors, radiator boosters, secondary glazing and loads more simple measures to cut energy bills.

You can also get hands-on guidance by helping to fit measures in the community centre to improve the building for all its users.

You’ll hear from energy saving experts who’ll guide you through the free pack’s contents; from secondary glazing to using the top-spec energy monitor. You’ll be able to try out the gear on the community centre building, so you’ll be confident going home and fitting the measures on your own house.

  • Free energy saving pack worth £100+
  • DIY workshops and advice from experts
  • Help reduce the energy use of  the Hanover Centre
  • Free food and drinks

For more information, or to pre-book a pack for yourself or a neighbour, go to the Brighton & Hove 1010 web site.