At the heart of Hanover

Volunteer Insulators Needed!

We need you at the Community Centre on Sun 17th June (10am – 2pm).

As part of the Hanover Centre Carbon RACE we are holding our second Volunteer Insulation Event!

Following the successful first event, this time we will be:

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  • fitting Secondary Glazing,
  • finishing Draught Excluding, and the
  • Hot Water Pipe Insulation…..


BUT only with your help. No technical expertise required – just enthusiasm needed. Come and meet some great people 🙂

Can you do it? Please let Paul know by confirming as soon as you can on

Home insulation packs worth over £100 are available to ‘reward’ all volunteers with the means to follow through on their own homes (if you don’t already have one).

Want to see what’s inside the packs? take a look at the “How To” videos.