At the heart of Hanover

Wall Insulation

Hanover Centre logoBrighton & Hove 10:10 working with our local Hanover:1010 action group, secured government funding for a feasibility study to show residents what their street would look like if all the homes along it had insulation fitted to the exterior of the buildings – External Wall Insulation. This work was conducted by Brighton-based environmental consultancy Phlorum together with BBM architects from Lewes, who surveyed a typical Hanover street. This work has produced images and a final Report to show how external insulation could be fixed to a terrace of houses, while respecting their existing features. The project includes a detailed image showing what the street would look like with and without the insulation in place. With carbon reduction at the centre of our thinking, Phlorum will calculate the energy that would be saved from the insulation measures. Although external insulation is the most effective method of improving the energy efficiency of homes, and therefore cutting residents’ energy bills, there is often concern from Council planners and householders about its appearance.  We hope that this project will show how, with careful design and specification, a viable ‘street scale’ insulation programme could be implemented in Hanover. See images of the External Wall Insulation project