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Carbon RACE

Hanover Centre logoThe Hanover Centre Carbon Reduction Awareness and Community Engagement (RACE) project, is a Hanover10:10 Project based on a three-way partnership between the Hanover Community Association, the University of Brighton and Hanover10:10 (an action group of Hanover Action for Sustainable Living – HASL).

This Aims to:

  • raise the awareness of energy/carbon cost and trends, and
  • identify prioritised costed practical carbon reduction measures.

Our Approach is to make links with the wider community, and residents’ housing, on the practical moves to reduce energy use and associated CO2 emissions.

The Key Objectives are to:

  • reduce the use, and waste of, energy and water
  • enhance the comfort of users
  • improve the long-term integrity of the building, and
  • demonstrate to users and local residents what carbon reduction can be achieved with insulation and energy reduction measures.

To deliver these Objectives, we have been working on a range of initiatives, events and volunteering events. See Student Projects to see how we being supported in the essential preparatory technical work to assess the options and priorities for the Centre. 

Keep up to date with the wide-ranging work of the Hanover Centre Carbon RACE news on the HASL website.


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