At the heart of Hanover

Icon Workshop with Janina Karpinska

Our final Brighton Festival workshop on 23rd May is an opportunity to create your own icon. Come and create your own visual vitamin boost to restore the soul – featuring a particular quality you may currently be in need of – peace, clarity, forgiveness, hope; through a glance in passing, or a period of focused meditation.

  • Afternoon 3.00 to 5.00pm — Adults £10 (£8 Hanover residents)

Booking essential – contact us or ring 01273 694873



Janina told us, “I started making icons when I was a member of a local art group called ‘the Red Hens’ – our first exhibition was in the decommisioned, but very beautiful St. Andrews Church in Waterloo Street, featuring icons – although we all interpreted this in our own way – computer icons; icons of the silver screen; gay icons; and my religious icons.

“Although my father was a staunch Polish Catholic, and my mother of the Russian Orthodox faith I wasn’t brought up in either tradition; and yet it would appear the rich centurys old traditions are in my blood. I surround myself with scraps of torn paper – ‘rubbish’ and watch as my hand knows exactly where to place them. I particularly like that I use that which is seemingly worthless to make  something beautiful for God – an act of creative redemption. I like to believe that in the same way we can turn all the ‘rubbish’ and waste to good use, the mistakes and upsets we’d rather forget, so that everything be made sacred. I would like this thought / creative spark to come to mind as we glance at the work done here in the workshop – whether the image is ‘religious’ or not – perhaps focussing more on nature – or domestic symbology – everything can be a reminder of the how the qualities we seek can be found in the humblest of things.”


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