At the heart of Hanover

Festive Fair, December 2009

We held a Festive Fair in the Hanover Centre in December 2009. Indoors we had a variety of stalls and a café. Outdoor attractions included the Hanover Christmas Tree Company, the Muesli Mountain food market and hot chestnuts.


Where are the pictures of Father Christmas & his helper from Festive Fair, December 2009 ?
Regards, Maria Manser a.k.a Father Christmas daughter.

We don’t have any – I got there too late with my camera – do you know anyone who took some?

Yes I took 2 pictures, but at the time Father Christmas little helper was not there! I can email them to you if you wish.
Best Regards, Maria

Please let us have them – we’d love to have Father Christmas’s photo!

I sent the picture’s of Father Christmas 21/01/2010.
If they have not come through ok or there is a problem, just let me know…
Regards, Maria

Got them! Probably the best Father Christmas in Hanover!

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