At the heart of Hanover

Best Ever Beer Festival

Our 23rd Annual Hanover Beer Festival was another triumph, thanks to Iain and all our wonderful volunteers, generous sponsors, supportive suppliers and happy festival-goers.

This year’s top talking point had to be the weather. It rained throughout the run-up, and by Thursday afternoon we’d reached the point where we’d have to impose a “wellies or waders” dress code if we couldn’t get rid of the large puddle that had formed in a dip in the garden.

Iain came up with a site rescue plan and ordered tonnes of scalpings for delivery Friday morning. A call went out for people and wheelbarrows to help shift them, and a selection of Hanover heroes – Rob, Richard, Si, Simon and Ian – stepped in to help Iain. All of them deserve medals.

“Good beer festival, good atmosphere”
“The best ever”
“Thanks for a great beer festival – pity about the rain”

By opening time on Friday evening no-one was going to let torrential rain and stormy winds get in the way of raising funds for their top Hanover charity and on Saturday just before closing time all records were broken as one lucky punter was served with the very last pint of all!

When we’ve paid all the bills we expect to have raised £6,000. Thank you, Hanover!

And many thanks to all the businesses and individuals who made it happen by giving money, discounted services, and free labour including Barrie Alderton, HR Group, Ric Blow, back2back, Bardsley’s, Bonett’s Estate Agents, Brightel Datanet, Brighton & Hove Jobs, Dark Star, Dover Castle, Fanny’s, Alexia (Grinderman Too), Haines Security, Hammerpot, Hanover Christmas Tree Co, Hanover Directory, Inside & Out, Laura (Bertie & Rosie), Lucas Electrics, M&M (Stefan, Damien, and Lloyd), Muesli Mountain Market, Sir Charles Napier, The Butlers Wine Cellar Ltd, The Evening Star, The Geese, The Greys, Transport Initiatives, Tuffin & co, Wheeler’s Estate Agents, Independent Scaffolding, Bisi Alaba (Jolloff Bites), Positive Exposure, St John Ambulance, Resource Centre, ARM, Harmony in the Community, Al, Alan, Alex, Andrew, Cath, Chas, Chris, Christie, Claire, Dan, Francesca, Ian, Iain, Jackie, Jamie, Jill, John, John, Kala, Keith, Kev, Laurie, Leon, Liam, Lisa, Lois, Marigold, Martin, Matt, Maurice, Miriam, Neil, Noreen, Pam, Paul, Paul, Pete, Richard, Rob, Rosemary, Sarah, Sherm, Si, Simon, Simon, Steve, Sue, Sue, Susie, Thurston, Tony and Vicky.