At the heart of Hanover

… And about time, too …

This web site has been a source of embarrassment for some time.

The front page works OK (sort of) but the photo often doesn’t appear, and the dark background makes it difficult to read.

Your comments rarely appear under the posts you want to talk to us about, but sometimes we happen upon old comments by accident.

It’s very difficult to find your way around.

So it fails on reliability, readability, and accessibility. To be fair, it was only intended as a temporary fix to get us into the internet age. We planned to learn from it and build something better, but like so many temporary fixes it became a fixture by default.

Now we are doing something about it. We’ve upgraded the WordPress software behind it to the latest version, and so far everything seems to have carried on working as before. Over the Christmas period we will change over to a new structure and style based on clarity and simplicity. While we are doing this there will be times when the site is down, and times when it looks a bit odd, but after a few weeks it will settle down in its new format.