At the heart of Hanover

Fifty Years of Change

Hanover has lost many of its local shops, so those we have left deserve our full support – none of them has an easy time withstanding the competition of the big chains, especially the supermarkets.

If we look back 50 years to 1956, the diversity of shops and businesses in Hanover was striking. You only have to look at a few hundred yards at the bottom of Southover Street where we now have the Greys, the Geese, and the Tea Rooms to see what has been lost.

Between the bottom of the hill and Coleman Street on one side there was at 2 a cafe, 3 heating engineers, 7 laundry, 8 grocer, 10 shopkeeper, 11 furniture dealer, 13 circulating library, 14 hairdresser, and 16 Golden Cross public house (now the Geese).

On the other side up to Belgrave Street there was at 114 Tamplin’s brewery, 111 ladies hairdresser, 110 Hanover Arms public House, 109 boot repairers, 107 cooked meats (now the Tea Rooms), 106 confectioner, 105 Bricklayers Arms public house (now the Greys), 104 ironmonger and 103 boot repairer.

(from an article published in the Hanover Herald 2006)

Update 2013 – the Tea Rooms moved to Kemptown several years ago.