At the heart of Hanover

Run to the Hills; report

Part of the ‘Hanover Day’ fundraising event recently saw a trio of Brighton bands descend on The Hanover Centre on Southover Street, under the auspices of the Hanover Association.

First up were The Brown Stripes – a motley duo of somewhat diverse character who proceeded to play such ironic ditties as the theme song from Rainbow, in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category. All a bit student humor and hilarious false moustaches. They weren’t taking themselves seriously, so the audience lapped it up.

Next up were The Passion with their dirty yet rose-scented take on rock and roll. Having seen this band a few times over the last year or so, they really have perfected and tightened up their set with their trademark venomous vignettes being sung with, as the name suggests a fair bit of passion. These four women do really sound like they mean it and to boot it looks like they’re having a great time too! Once the sweat and perfume had been mopped off the small and rather cramped stage, it was host to
Dates – initially appearing a far more sombre proposition but a few songs in and I was beginning to like their take on the art-rock side of things. With spiky guitars and clipped drums they seemed to veer towards the lineage of the Television/Wire/Interpol tradition. By the end of the set they appeared to be a strong and vibrant contemporary band with nowhere to go but up.
So thanks to The Hanover Association for starting the wheels turning on this hidden little hall becoming a much needed gig venue in the future.

Louise Oliver, Ruth Calder, Justin Colman and Amy Kennedy

Fundraiser Gig was a great success;
Over £400 profit was made on the night which will be handed over to the newly formed Hanover Day Association.
A big Thank-you to all those who took part and helped make this event such a great success!