At the heart of Hanover

Hanover Day Sunday 8th July

The sun was beaming as people from the surroundings of Hanover partied in the streets throughout the day. The area was buzzing all day with the theme of doctor Who which turned out trumps. There were many happenings during the day; there was music from blues to reggae from rock to pop. In the mid afternoon there was a fab Dalek Race at the Grey’s, a sword fighting demo at the Dover castle and the Cybermen were down on Washington Street.

We would like to give a big thank you on behalf of the Hanover Day Association to Harvey’s Brewery, colourstream, University of Brighton, Victor Boorman & co., and Healy’s solicitors. we would like to give a special thanks to Chris Beaumont at the Grey’s and Neal Harvey who rebuilt the Tardis. Harmony in the community organized the event on behalf of the Hanover Day Association.

The day was jam packed with bands and events running throughout the day including DJ’s Watsy & co and the Brown Stripes at the Dover Castle; Blueprint, Blue Hearts, Julian Cloran and The Diablos at the Greys; Al Start, The Passion, Ossah Flynn, The Formulators and Bethlehem Slouch in Washington Street; Tim Squire, Love Triangle, Ross Flight, Stephen le Hardy and Fat 45s in the Community Centre Garden; DJ Master, Absorbarub, Jailbait and Dogs will be K9 in the Church Garden.

Many residents cashed in on lots of bargains being sold on the different stalls located on Washington and Coleman Street. Overall it was a fantastic day with beautiful weather and it will be a day to remember for everyone.


what a day that was we took our 6 years old son with us who is right in to dr who.It was a fantastic day with great weather to go with it what more would you ask for to see my son face light up when he saw all the dr who things.Its a day to rememder thanks for such a fantastic day to all the people who took part in it.

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