At the heart of Hanover

2. Smart Meter

Hanover Centre logoInstalling smart energy meters allows us to get information to monitor patterns of use, identify problems and create user awareness through live reporting. We can calculate the costs and CO2 generated by the Hanover Centre’s use of energy (and water) on an ongoing basis.

Smart meters normally help users to be more aware of costs, and so enable behaviour change to further reduce energy use often by up to 10% or more. The meter can also present historic information on consumption so that you can compare current and past use.

What have we done here?

Using funds from the University of Brighton to support student community research projects (CUPP, On Our Doorsteps) we have installed smart metering for gas, water and electricity; and a screen display in the entrance area of the Hanover Centre to highlight information to users, in part, about the energy used in the building, and how this can be reduced. This display also ables us to highlight environmental initiatives, and offer an alternative to leaflets and posters to advertise classes and events at the Centre.

Contributes to the following One Planet Living principles:

icon-water Sustainable water

Using water more efficiently in buildings and in the products we buy; tackling local flooding and water course pollution.

icon-carbon Carbon reduction

Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies.

Could you do the same in your home?

See: Energy Saving Trust: Smart Meters