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Qi Gong

Awaken your mind, body and spirit through Qi Gong (energy work)classes at  HanoverCommunity Centre every Read more

Hanover & Elm Grove Communities Forum

Hanover and Elm Grove neighbourhood groups meet at 2:30pm on Saturday, 1st December at the Hanover Centre to launch the new forum with festive fun for all. Read more

The 31st Hanover Beer Festival comes to a close

The casks and kegs are empty, the pasties munched and the stillage dismantled after the 31st Hanover Beer Festival. Read more

Beer Festival 2017 – Sunday Session

On Sunday we had our traditional take-out session, but this year we followed it with a relaxed lunch-time entertainment with the 'Save The Greys' campaign. Read more

Hanover Centre Vacancy

The Hanover Community Association (HCA) and the Hanover Community Centre has been at the heart Read more

Environment News

Hanover Centre Improvements

We had wanted to get rid of our old heaters for a long time - they were inefficient, noisy and expensive to run. Thanks to a grant for part of the cost from Low Carbon Workspaces, they have finally gone! Read more

Zero Carbon Britain

How can we in Hanover play our part in moving towards a zero-carbon Britain? Come along to hear a panel of experts and join in the discussion. More information at Read more

We are an Eco Open House Again

The Hanover Centre will be open on the afternoon of 18th and all day 19th October. Brighton's Hanover Centre 'Eco-Refit' / Hanover 10:10 will be show-casing its work on the Centre with tours, an exhibition and volunteers installing solid wall insulation. Read more

Carbon RACE Update

Paul from Hanover 10:10 has updated his slide-show about where we've got to in our project to increase energy efficiency in the Hanover Centre. Read more

New Ceiling – Finished!

Our new ceiling was finished - on time - on Friday 6th December. A double layer of sheep's wool insulation is working so well that we have switched off one of the two heaters we needed to heat the hall. Read more

Hanover Centre News

Hatha Yoga Flow

I invite you to join me in a morning practice of Hatha yoga flow.  The Read more

Duplo Time with Brighton Bricks

Duplo time with Brighton Bricks. Come and build bricks with your little one. Every third Read more

Box and Run

    20 minutes of focused running training and 20 minutes of HIIT boxing drills. Read more

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