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On Sunday we had our traditional take-out session, but this year we followed it with a relaxed lunch-time entertainment with the 'Save The Greys' campaign. Read more

We have a VIP preview session for the local people and businesses who have sponsored or supported the beer festival. Sponsorship is a great way to support the community and be more involved in the festival. Read more

Thank you all being such a brilliant, friendly, joyful crowd - it was a pleasure to serve you. Read more

Well, after all we do have some Saturday tickets returned from the pubs where they were on sale; and even a very, very few Friday tickets. We'll be in the Hanover Centre garden finishing the setup during Friday - go to the gate and give us a shout! Read more

Beer List

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It will spoil the surprise, but if you must know what the 40 beers, 10 ciders and 4 wines are this year, read on: Read more