At the heart of Hanover

ASC Art Club

Starting 18th January, ASC Art Club: Drop-in art sessions for kids with HF Autism and Aspergers aged 6-12.
Come and develop your own creative ideas with artist and ASC specialist Becca. Whether it’s manga, painting, animation, cartoons, Lego, Star Wars, modelling, Minecraft, collage. Pokemon or computer graphics, it’s up to you what you do!
Becca will be on hand to help you explore your interests, with optional activity sheets to help you develop ideas, and a chill-out den if you need some space. All materials and equipment are provided, as well as sensory and visual aids, and your parents are welcome to sit in and have a cup of tea. Sessions are £10 (6 concessions). Contact Becca in advance for a Social Story about the session, or for more information: or 07912 445354.