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Beer Festival

2013 – The 26th Annual Hanover Beer Festival

2013 Beer Festival LogoThe best party in Hanover happened on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October.

We had a wonderful range of beers selected and cared for by Maria from the Craft Beer Co, ciders and perries delivered and served by the guys from Q Sales & Lettings, wines supplied by the Butlers Wine Cellar, and food from The Greys kitchen (teleported to our garden for the festival).

Best of all, we had 700 of you over the two nights – fun-loving, good-natured, community-minded Hanover people. Even the torrential rain on Friday night couldn’t dampen your spirits.

We owe a debt of thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters – their donations and practical help are essential. And without the many volunteers who give their time before, during and after the event, we couldn’t put it on at all.

So thank you, one and all!

On Sunday we had our traditional take-out session, but this year we followed it with a relaxed lunch-time entertainment with the 'Save The Greys' campaign. Read more
We have a VIP preview session for the local people and businesses who have sponsored or supported the beer festival. Sponsorship is a great way to support the community and be more involved in the festival. Read more
Thank you all being such a brilliant, friendly, joyful crowd - it was a pleasure to serve you. Read more
Well, after all we do have some Saturday tickets returned from the pubs where they were on sale; and even a very, very few Friday tickets. We'll be in the Hanover Centre garden finishing the setup during Friday - go to the gate and give us a shout! Read more

Beer List

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It will spoil the surprise, but if you must know what the 40 beers, 10 ciders and 4 wines are this year, read on: Read more